Dine like the 1% at Morton's
Dine like the 1% at Morton's
Morton's The Steakhouse

Treat Your Boss to a Rockefeller-Inspired Meal at Morton's for Boss's Day

Today, October 16, is boss' day. If your boss is a real mover and shaker, a trip to the local lunch buffet just won't do. We suggest taking him or her to Morton's the Steakhouse for the Men Who Built America dinner menu.

The steak-house chain has teamed up with the History Channel to create a

menu inspired by the new series The Men Who Built America.

The show,

which premieres tonight, October 16, at 9, focuses on the men who

helped shape America in the beginning of the 20th Century.

What did Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford,

Andrew Carnegie, and J.P. Morgan have in common besides building

American dynasties? They ate well, especially the Rockefellers. 

The tycoon family was known almost as much for their culinary adventures

as their wealth. Dishes and cocktails were named after family patriarch

John D. Rockefeller by some of the better restaurants of the time.

Antoine's in New Orleans invented the oysters Rockefeller and legend

says the martini was invented by a bartender at New York's Knickerbocker

Hotel in 1911 for America's first billionaire.

For $59.99, you

and your own master of industry will start with a choice of salad,

followed by a six ounce Filet Mignon paired with your choice of broiled

sea scallops, jumbo shrimp Alexander, or jumbo lump crab cake and a

choice of side. Finish off with a choice of desserts like hot chocolate

cake, key lime pie, or creme brulee.

A special Men Who Built America signature cocktail, fashioned after the original Rockefeller martini, is available for $14.

It might be a pricey way to kiss your boss's butt

show your appreciation, but with the economy still tight and Christmas

bonus time tight around the corner, we call it a "smart career move". 

P.S. -- The special menu runs for the next six weeks -- just in case you want to play "oil tycoon" on a future date night.


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