You know a business is good when its employees stick around for more than 30 years. Such is the case with Clearsight. Walk inside and you'll be greeted by the same helpful staffers — and robust selection — year after year. From Moscot to Chanel, Silhouette to Oliver Peoples, Clearsight carries a stunning array of frames for every face and lenses in every hue. And if you ask, the friendly folks there will gladly give you their opinions on what suits you best. They've been perfecting styles since 1977, so you have every reason to listen. And in true South Florida fashion, they do custom prescription installations in dive masks and craft their own "fishing glasses" ($119) that keep the sun out of the sides. Eat your heart out, Warby Parker.

Need to buy a house, sell a house, or property-manage a house? This is your guy. It’s clear from his kind, twinkly-eyed, church-going demeanor that this is an honest gentleman who would never, ever rip you off. But also: Lurking inside those dad jeans is one fierce real-estate killer — calmer, more organized, and more brilliant a negotiator than your accountant and your lawyer put together. Title company screw up? Moffett will give it a stern talking-to. Confusion over a lien or deed? He will venture to the bowels of the courthouse and find just the document you need. Tenant weaseling out of paying the rent? Nein. No way. Ain’t happenin’. If you’re looking for the biggest real-estate deal in South Florida, it’s right here: paying this dude’s commission.

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