Roses are red. Violets are blue.

You forgot her birthday. Now what do you do?

You could make her a meal, or write her a book.

But you barely can read, and you simply can't cook.

But wait, an idea just came to your mind!

Pop in The Notebook to buy you some time.

Get in the car, and step on the gas.

Head to Kathy's Florist, and make it real fast!

Now get out your wallet and grab a bouquet,

and thank Kathy's Florist for saving the day.

At the corner of NE Seventh Avenue and Dixie Highway sits a bright-orange building with a rough mural of the sun over the ocean's horizon. You might be fooled and think it's a day care or a finger-painted summer-camp wall, but the poster for 1800 Silver Tequila to its right will tell you that's a tequila sunrise and that this place is for grownups only. In fact, that's why they keep a bell on the door and buzz every customer in. Here you will find everything from Four Loko ($7.99) to IRU Vodka ($10.99) to four-packs of Nicki Minaj's line of moscato ($9.49). They even have a cooler to chill their stock of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which comes in sizes ranging from "Sneaking at the Movies" to "She Dumped Me and Kept the Ring." And if your dip in the Liquor Fountain leads to hangover hell, they also offer a wide selection of glassware and water pipes for your morning-after "tobacco."

If you leave the Bahia Mar Marina on one of Sea Experience's two boats, the journey will take you through the Intracoastal Waterway, along the mansions on Millionaire's Row, through the inlet, and past Fort Lauderdale's miles of gorgeous shoreline. That's the kind of view you want before taking a look below through the glass-bottom boat and finally jumping in the water at one of a few carefully selected snorkel and dive spots. Staff make two trips daily to check out the three natural reef systems along our coast. A standard open-water dive course will run you $579. Sure, you could get certified for cheaper at a lesser shop, but this one comes with pool sessions, a full four dives, PADI certification, and instructors who can't be beat. Most of the captains and instructors have been doing this for so long that the fish swim over to say hello as soon as the boat drops anchor. And we bet ya a million dollars the entire friendly crew would jump in and save you from any rabid manatees or attacking giant sea squids.

During the 2014 midterm elections, medical marijuana fell short of hitting the required 60 percent in Florida by a lousy 2 percent. Two percent! That's only, like, the size of the Sunday-afternoon crowd at the Swap Shop. But when the next round of voting rolls through Florida and medical marijuana is once again staring at us from our ballots, chances are it will pass. And when it does, will you be prepared? When Federal Highway is overflowing with bushels of Purple Haze and OG Kush, will you be busy trying to MacGyver a bong out of an apple, or will you be sitting back on your couch with some high-quality pieces courtesy of Puff Puff Pass? We hope, for you and your apple's sake, that you hit up the colorfully graffitied shop some time before the next election. It's always good to be prepared.

Readers' Choice: Peace Pipe

Looking to spark up a good old stogie? If so, Cigar Outlet might be a place you want to check out. This place has the lowest prices on the sticks or humidors around and plenty of selections to puff on. The best thing about Cigar Outlet is that it's known for friendly salespeople who remember you from your last visit and ask you how you enjoyed your last choice of cigar. If no such enjoyment was had, they will tinker with your taste buds and find something that suits your preferences better. Cigar Outlet has repeat customers for a reason.

When future generations look back at 2015, they will no doubt label it "The Year of the Vape." You can't shop at Publix without looking four stores down and seeing some ironically named vape store next to the frozen yogurt place. VaporFi is different, however. Located in Sawgrass Mills Mall, Vapor-Fi is to vaping what Starbucks is to coffee. VaporFi allows customers to sit at a bar, try different flavors, and eventually choose a kit that suits their budgets and lifestyles. They have more than 30,000 flavor combinations to pick from. Looking to kick smoking cigarettes? If so, they have flavors that mock the taste of the bad stuff, so your body can't tell the difference after a few pulls. They also have marshmallow and Raspberry Razz.

When you walk into Big Al's, it's quite obvious where you are — a tiny little Disney World of firearms. This basic box of a building has the best gun supplies you can find in the area and some of the hardest-to-find ammo. Whether a seasoned shooter or just starting out, you can rent, shoot, pawn, buy, or just look at an assortment of guns. But who wants to just look when there is a spacious range and so many firearms to try out? The store doubles as a pawn shop, which gives it a rustic feel and makes for an interesting atmosphere. That gently used skull ring is going to look badass on your pinky when you unload a few clips.

Getting tatted up is a pretty big decision. Unless you have the big bucks for removal surgery, what you get inked on your bod will be there forever. So, hot tip: Don't tattoo "Gangnam Style!" Also: Make sure you choose the right place to get inked. The last thing you want to do is randomly pick a shop to have the face of your baby daughter tattooed on your back and she ends up looking like Goofy. Do your homework. You want a good artist, for the right price, and Dragon Lilly is the place to find both. At this shop, which started with an outpost in Rhode Island, artists take their time and give you ink you'll be proud to show off for years. They don't do piercings, but they do offer tattoo parties — and hosts who bring at least four paying friends get inked free.

Readers' Choice: A Stroke of Genius

Ian Witlen

Twenty-five years ago, no one thought records would outlast cassettes and CDs, except maybe the proprietors of Radio-Active Records. While much music is now streamed, people still like things, and this store has shiny new and fashionably used music on vinyl (as well as on cassette and CD). You can spend hours searching for buried treasures or, if in a rush, ask the friendly clerk to point you in the right direction for an aural treat. Special events like in-store concerts and pizza-party signings when your favorite musicians are in town to play a gig will make you glad this place stays in business.

Readers' Choice: Radio-Active Records

Everybody you know has the coffee table that took three hours to put together and the futon from the big box store. But shouldn't you love the furniture you live on? That's the pull of Adam's Interiors, which draws its merchandise from designers around the world, offering customers a chance to get those sweet finds that typically only overpriced decorators get access to. The store is an exclusive dealer for many lines of furniture, including the plush "Stressless" collection of chairs, and "Adam's Signature" line is unlike what you'll find anywhere else. You can even tie a room together with the perfect rug by designing a custom one on the retail store's website, which allows customers to select colors, material and size that match what you need. Now that you know this place exists, your living room is feeling a little dated, right?

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