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Radio-Active Records Launches Fashionable T-Shirt Line

No, County Grind is not a consistent source of couture commentary, but everyone needs a clean T-shirt or a ready-made gift idea from time to time. Since this one comes courtesy of a brick-and-mortar music purveyor, we'll bite. Add that Radio-Active Records' line of T's is not emblazoned with the store's name (unlike this blog posting) and there's something borderline subversive going on here.

Richard Vergez explains:

When asked by Mikey Ramirez to create a new "designer" T-shirt series

for Radio-Active, I jumped at the opportunity to work outside of the

Radio-Active branding. Although the Radio-Active image has a strong

aesthetic, I was shooting for something more alternative and darker. My

biggest inspirations are surrealism in the works of Man Ray and Laszlo

Moholy-Nagy. I wanted to give people a nice little work of art they

could go out with and exhibit themselves. For this series, I have

designed two slightly music-related shirts and two purely visual, abstract

type designs, the latter being silkscreened translations of two of my

original hand-cut collages. These arrive just in time for the holidays.

So if you'd rather surf iTunes for digital music clouds, just remember

you can't download a cool T-shirt.

Each shirt comes in men's and women's sizes and costs $20.

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