UPDATE: La Roux's Culture Room Show Rescheduled for November 1

Get-well wishes go out to English pop act La Roux. Singer Elly Jackson already canceled a pair of Lilith Fair dates earlier this week, and it looks like laryngitis is the culprit.

Earlier today, she posted this message on her Facebook: "Elly has been struggling with bronchitis for the last few months and after her show in LA contracted pharyngitis. Her doctor has advised her to rest for three weeks so unfortunately she'll be unable to continue with her American tour. We are endeavoring to reschedule as many of the canceled shows for

November as possible; an announcement will be made shortly."

Her August 4 stop at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale has been scrapped (the August 6 show at Mansion in Miami is

ostensibly out of the picture too).

New date: November 1. All tickets purchased will be honored.

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