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Best Edible Bacon-Infused Products

​In true Clean Plate Charlie fashion, we squeeze every last bit that we could get our hands on. My previous post Five Best Inedible Uses for Bacon was popular, so here's a spinoff specifically for the bonafide bacon lovers, aka the Baconaters: the best EDIBLE bacon finds. While the last list left you drooling with no reward, this list will let you have your cake er bacon and eat it, too. Do I need to say more? Didn't think so. 

But just in case, here's a teaser: Lollipops.
Meat on a stick meets Richard Blais, kind of. Plus, it's vegan, which we're actually confused about.  

Lollipops are just the tip of the tub of lard. After the jump, see what else is on the list. 


Jellybeans grow up, even if you never did. Punk your kids during the annual Easter Egg Hunt, just wait for your kid's face when they pop one of these suckers in their mouth. Priceless. Remember to catch in on film and put it on YouTube.

This is the hardcore must-have item for all baconaters. Bacon is great, but you can't eat it all day, unless you're praying for a heart attack. You can have the taste of bacon in your mouth and on your mind without the calories or looking crazy er we've seen the stash of bacon strips in your desk. 

Extend that minty+bacon goodness of the bacon toothpaste you use in the a.m. with bacon flavored mints. Because nothing sexier than smoky umami breath.

We're a bit skeptical about this one. We love the pairing of mayonnaise and bacon in sandwiches (duh, BLT! ) and burgers. Hell, mayonnaise goes great with everything and for the baconphiles, bacon does too. It just looks gross. Can someone be our guinea pigs?

Remember when mixing dark chocolate and peanut butter was controversial? Then the food world changed and chocolate changed with it. Cacao intensities range between 40% and 100%, bars are now infused with everything from salt to lavender. Chocolate and bacon, should've been our invention. 

This is the holy grail of breakfast items: chocolate pancake mix with bacon bits. Puts the sweet or salty in the morning debate to rest.

Ice Cream.
Bacon ice cream is a death row meal must, the sweet and savory combo just kills us. We still can't get over the fact that more local restaurants don't do it. Here are two places to find a recipe for the divine delicacy: 1) If you're willing to dish out the $150 for Heston Blumenthal's big book, you'll be the proud owner of the original and most delicious bacon ice cream recipe. 2) If you're a cheap ass, check out David Lebovitz's recipe on his popular blog.  Also, for a limited time only, Denny's got the Maple Bacon Sundae for their annual Baconalia. 

Spirits Infusion.  
Our very own Jamie Long tried this a couple of weeks back on Clean Plate Charlie (yes, we know our stuff). Plus, you could check out a couple of spots around town getting crafty, like Sra. Martinez down in Miami, where they've got a bacon infused bourbon. Either way, people are digging this new trend.

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