Brazilian Steak Joint With a Great Burger? Who Knew?

Brazilian  steak joints aren't supposed to have great burgers. Meat on sticks, yes. Endless salad bars, sure. But Zed451, that slick-looking Mizner Park restaurant with mixed reviews, has one fantastic burger. Here's how they get there:

1. The toasted and buttered brioche bun is light and fluffy enough so you can mush it down for your first bite. It has a sweetness that provides a nice complement to what's coming.

2. The fried onion strings are crunchy, salty, and well-seasoned. What more should

they be?

3. Bread and butter pickles aren't what you expect on a slider, but these provide a nice crunch in the center of it all.


Zed451 makes its burgers from pan-seared chopped steak, so you get

fairly large chunks of beef within the burger. It's almost more of a

steak sandwich, and there's nothing bad about that.


pictured: The bartender told us the chef doesn't like to add cheese or

bacon so that you taste his burger. Good advice for the first round,

but for the second one, order the Cajun bacon with a slice of smoked

Gouda, which was about a quarter-inch thick and slightly charred.

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