The not-so-secret-anymore hangout for athletes of the pro and not-so-pro variety.
The not-so-secret-anymore hangout for athletes of the pro and not-so-pro variety.
Via Burrito Bros. Facebook -- used with permission

Burrito Bros. in Jupiter a Favorite for Miami Marlins Outfielder Logan Morrison, Which Is News to Them

This week's wildly entertaining/engrossing cover story on Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison doesn't exactly paint the portrait of a shrinking violet, but he obviously knows how to fly under the radar. Or at least he does when he's getting his daily fix at Burrito Bros., a "surfer joint in Jupiter."

When Clean Plate Charlie contacted the store to get the scoop on Morrison and his frequent dining companion/best friend, Marlins backup outfielder Bryan Peterson, neither the day or evening manager was aware that the health-conscious restaurant was a favored hangout for the pro players during spring training sessions in Jupiter.

"I'm excited to hear it," said Joey Piper, night manager for the taco/burrito shop.

Though Piper -- and day manager Monica Shearer -- said the restaurant was unaware that it was hosting Marlins players on a frequent basis, the spot is a popular choice for those looking to load up on lean protein.

"We get a lot of people coming in after the gym," Piper said, citing the menu's numerous high-protein options and focus on all-natural ingredients. "And the environment is sports-oriented."

If you want to follow in Morrison's footsteps, or at least his dining habits on the day the New Times met with him, go for Burrito Bros.' all-natural citrus chicken, available in a burrito, taco, burrito bowl, or salad for $6.95. Other items on the menu include chicken tortilla soup, vegetarian black bean soup, and the Burrito Bros. mac 'n' cheese.  

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