Cafe La Buca Undergoing Expansion: No Date Set For Completion of Project

Cafe La Buca owner and chef Marco Spina is somewhat hesitant to talk about the news of his Pompano Beach restaurant's expansion, with reason. The tiny, six-table restaurant already has more business than it can handle based on good reviews and word-of-mouth (check out the glowing review from New Times here) and the expansion will only add 
about four or five tables. 

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"We're already overbooked," Spina said with a laugh. 

The intimiate restaurant is in the process of taking over the vacant space next door previously occupied by an employment agency (it's the space to the right, if you are facing the restaurant from the parking lot). The remodeling work -- which already has begun -- will add more dining space and expand the kitchen. The contractors have given a projection of several months and the plumbers and city inspectors have been in and out of the space, Spina said, but he's taking any timelines with a grain of salt. 

"They say a few months...never trust a general contractor," he deadpans. 

Because of the uncertain timeframe, Spina refuses to pin a date on the unveiling of the remodel/expansion. He also emphasized that the additional tables will not change the restaurant's standing policy of emphatically requesting reservations.

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