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Chef/Owner Laurent Tasic of Sage French Cafe Opening Two New Concepts

For frequent visitors, it's no secret that Union Planters Plaza (the shopping center that houses Whole Foods Market and d.b.a./Cafe on Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale) has been undergoing a major face-lift for the past year or so.

New shops and yoga studios have set up shop. And the former walkway has been turned into a patio with outdoor tables and grass.

One of the center's longest inhabitants, Laurent Tasic, chef/owner of Sage French Cafe, is taking advantage of the changes; he's currently working on two new concepts.

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In addition to extending the outdoor space of Sage with more tables, planters, and a newly installed water fountain, Tasic bought out the neighboring East Side Pub.

Although he's not ready to divulge full details on the changes that will take place, he asserts that "it's going to be something very unique in Fort Lauderdale."

Named Sage Q (short for Sage Quarter), the concept will host live music, with an emphasis on jazz. Its secondary focus is a large indoor and outdoor bar.

"I'm trying to keep it separate from Sage," says Tasic. "But it's going to be connected."

The plan is to start demolishing the space in about two weeks.

Tasic is also taking over the nearby chiropractic office for a New Orleans-style bakery. He plans to serve an array of beignets, coffees, and other freshly made baked goods in a casual space, with a couple of indoor tables and a few more on the patio.

At the moment, Tasic does not have a name for the bakery -- he is still working on the lease process -- however, he hopes to open in about six months.

Stay tuned for details.

Sage French Cafe is located at 2378 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-565-2299, or visit

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