Clay Conley Opens Wood-Fired Buccan in Palm Beach

Buccan, Clay Conley's new restaurant featuring wood-fired grills and ovens, opened in January. It's the first new restaurant in Palm Beach in some time.

"I like it here," said Conley, most recently of Miami's Azul. He spent a decade before that opening Olive restaurants for Todd English around the U.S. and abroad. "It's got a small-town feel."

His menu of rustic foods, served as small plates with moderate prices, should appeal in this economy, he said. "It's approachable. This has always been the way I like to eat - to try different things."

Right now,

a hot dog panini is one of the most popular items on the menu. He

describes it as a Niman Ranch beef hot dog, swathed in pizza dough,

cooked on the wood-fire grill, served with a three-mustard aioli,

Gruyere, sauerkraut braised with bacon and carraway and served with a

side of chili. It's $12.

Other items on the still fluid menu

include ramen noodles with pork broth, gnocchi Bolognese, crisp whole

baby kale salad, ratatouille with brandade, shellfish paella - roasted,

barbecued quail, Korean-style shortribs and a sirloin steak frites.


chef's connection to the tony town is through a partner, Piper Quinn, a

Palm Beacher who liked his food at Azul. Former English co-worker, Sam

Slattery, is another partner.

The restaurant features 150 seats,

with a full bar - Conley's choice of dining seat. A moderate-sized wine

list is offered, but Conley likes pairing a lot of his foods with craft

beer. That list will change often, he said.

Buccan is open for dinner, currently; lunch and Sunday brunch are planned in the coming month.

Buccan, 350 S. County Road, Palm Beach; 561-833-3450;

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