Conan Gets Drunk Off Cereal Milk With Momofuku Milk Bar's Christina Tosi

We love when Coco has chefs on his show because never does anything go south as quickly. 

Case in point last night, when Conan had the lovely Christina Tosi, dessert chef at New York's Momofuku's Milk Bar and author of the new same-titled book.

Christina is there to make cereal milk with Conan. (By the way, if cereal milk is now gourmet, we're opening a high-end restaurant tomorrow because we finally found something we can excel in. Momofuku sells the strawberry-flavored milk for $5 -- we'll sell it for four bucks and clean up!)

Meanwhile, back at the studio, Conan's given Lucky Charms to work with "The national food of Ireland." He says that junky kids cereal is his weakness and that at 11:45 p.m., you can catch him eating vats of it while watching ESPN Gossip Girl.

Using his hands to caress the cereal, Conan gets into it. "Too into it," remarks Tosi, who's just there to sell a few books, after all.

After making a mess and splattering his pants with milk, Conan just wants to know one thing -- is there any alcohol involved? There is:

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