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Deal of the Day: $11 Worth of Food and Drink for $5 at Big City Dogs in Davie

​Cravings hit when you least expect them, and it's usually for something simple and delicious -- like a good hot dog.

Sound good? Then today is a good time to indulge that food fantasy at Big City Dogs, with meat hailing from the top spots nationwide for good hot dogs: New York and Chicago. 

But, as their website proudly states, franks this good could hold their own in any big city. 

Why? Because there's a dog, sandwich, or burger representing all the major artery-clogging foodie cities nationwide. From Chicago, Omaha, and Philly to New York, West Virginia, and New Jersey, there's literally something for everyone. The menu has just enough variation on the classic dog to give you room for thought but doesn't overwhelm. 

Big City won't tempt you with tons of fancy selections. Instead, it's narrowed it down to a dozen of the best ways to eat a hot dog -- most for just $3.50 per dog or $5.50 for a combo. And if you act now, you'll have the opportunity to try more than one thanks to our Deal of the Day, where you can receive $11 worth of food and drink for just $5 at the Davie location.

Charlie suggests the Korean, a Far East take on the classic American regular dog. Served with a heaping pile of chili-hot-sauce-soaked slaw, it's a great way to add some heat to your lunch hour. There's also the Omaha Reuben, served with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, and mozzarella cheese.

If slaw and sauerkraut aren't your style, then try the New Jersey Ripper, billed as a heart-attack waiting to happen. One bite will land you with a mouthful of deep-fried heaven. Big City starts with an ordinary dog, wraps it in bacon, fries it up "New Jersey" style, then tops it with a creamy nacho cheese sauce.

Even if you aren't a fan of hot dogs, today's deal has a menu worth exploring, with plenty of options that include a good selection of regional sandwich favorites. Big City calls its New York Italian Sausage -- served San Gennaro-style with peppers, onions, and mushrooms on a hoagie-style roll -- a "must try." But really, any of Big City's specialty sandwiches are equally delicious and creative, from its Chicago Italian beef sandwich to the authentic Philly cheese steak.

We like ours with an ice-cold Cherry Coke, but you can wash it all down with some Atlanta Sweet Tea or an Old School Milkshake. 

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