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Dexter Dessert: Steak 954 Celebrates Our Favorite TV Serial Killer Sweetly

South Florida's favorite serial killer with a heart of gold, Dexter, returns to Showtime on September 30 at 9 p.m., and Steak 954 is making a special dish in his honor. Even more surprising, it's a dessert.

The Dexter dessert ($9) starts with a crème brûlée cheesecake topped with seasonal fruit compote, wild strawberry, and graham cracker tuile. Then it's made a little bloody before being served. But don't worry -- the blood is delicious and fruity.

Since desserts are usually all about flowers and sweet thoughts, we were curious about the unusual violent-themed dessert, so we asked Steak 954's pastry chef, Sarah Magoon, about the not-so-sweetly themed sweet.

Clean Plate Charlie: When is the dessert available?
Sarah Magoon:
The dessert is available now. Our desserts are seasonal, and the goal is to keep them fresh and unique. The current version of the Dexter dessert has wild strawberry and rhubarb, which will not be available come fall, so the dessert will feature huckleberries instead.

What made you create this dessert? Are you a Dexter fan? 

Though I'm a fan, it was pure coincidence. The goal was to balance creamy/crunchy and sweet/tart. The presentation reminded me of the opening of the show when Michael C. Hall is going through his morning routine of cooking eggs and cutting open a blood orange. There are all of these different things, especially foodwise, that are reminiscent of blood splatters. The sauce splatter in the Dexter dessert is just fun and looks slightly different every time, which is exciting.

What should we order before the dessert? Pair with a bloody steak, perhaps, and a nice red wine? Maybe a Death in the Afternoon as a cocktail?
The full Steak 954 experience would include a raw appetizer, dry-aged rare steak, and a signature cocktail before indulging in this dessert. For this particular meal, I would start with a Manhattan made with Michter's Rye and a lemon twist or one of our amazing house-made, spiced, bourbon-soaked cherries. For steak, our dry-aged rib eye is my favorite. I would add a glass of Buehler cabernet from Napa. As for Death in the Afternoon, I would probably be more likely to have that with dessert. I love champagne cocktails with desserts!

Will there be a
Dexter watch party at the restaurant?
There are no plans for an event at this time.

Are there any other themed desserts in the future?
I find inspiration everywhere but rarely add themes to my dishes.

What other shows would you like to make a dessert for?

Tune in to find out -- you never know!

Here's a remix of the Dexter theme (just in case you're dying to see it):

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