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Dolphins Wife Christy Denney, the Girl Who Ate Everything, Releasing Cookbook September 9

For all the turbulence one can come across in the media stemming from the shenanigans of NFL players, it is refreshing when an NFL-tinged story comes out that does not involve nightclub beatdowns, bullying, locker-room vitriol, and so-so seasons. Yes, we're talking about the Miami Dolphins. But this is not a story about the Miami Dolphins, directly. This is a story that happens to involve the wife of the longest current-serving member of the Miami Dolphins.

We're talking about long snapper and all-around solid special teams member John Denney, a man who has kept a low profile, a level head, and an unquestioned relevance within the team.

It is no surprise that as the mother of their five children, Christy Denney also exhibits a calm and dignified demeanor. This Mormon family has kept out of the limelight and has managed to carve for themselves a pretty good life in South Florida as members of the Dolphins franchise. John's gargantuan caloric needs as an athlete were evident soon after they married, and Christy's passion for food was reawakened. In 2008, she took to the internet with her blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything, and has worked as a recipe developer for General Mills.

John has been the first line of defense for "the benefits of the dishes that turn out and stomachs the ones that don't."

Her book, The Girl Who Ate Everything: Easy Family Recipes From a Girl Who Has Tried Them All, is scheduled for release on September 9 from Cedar Fort Publishing & Media. Featuring 100 recipes, of which 90 are new and ten are the top favorites from the website, the book is heavy on family-friendly fare, so do not expect insanely complicated, foodie-centric gourmet nonsense. This is a cookbook that makes sense for large families who want to push their children out of certain culinary comfort zones.

It does not portend to remove mac and cheese or tacos from the table, but it does elevate a lot of familiar home cooking enough to show the lofty potentials of even the most common recipe in any mom's weekly arsenal. Fun recipes like Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms, S'mores Cookie Cups, and Cinnamon Roll Sheetcake are sure to become favorites in any home.

The petite home cook with the rather improbable title is an avid runner and has recently learned about "moderation," which she credits for not blossoming into a full 500 pounds. In any case, The Girl Who Ate Everything: Easy Family Recipes From a Girl Who Has Tried Them All can be a fun addition to any existing cookbook collection or as an addition to anyone's idea shelf, specially anyone who, like Christy, has a large man and family to feed on a regular basis.

The book will be available from online retailers like and stores like Barnes & Nobles and Costco. Check the site or her Facebook page for signings and live cooking events.

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Abel Folgar