Domino's Wants to Sell Pizza... on the Moon

Domino's Pizza Japan wants to open a branch on the moon.  We seriously think this is a great idea. First of all, there's the myth that the moon is made of cheese. Plus, think of all the space aliens that must get hungry from intergalactic flight.

Wait! The moon isn't made of cheese, and there's no proof so far of ravenous space travelers?  Someone better tell Domino's Japan President Scott Oelkers, because he's wearing a spacesuit and talking a good game in the company's promotional video.

According to the company website, the Domino's Moon Project would have a game room, complete with bowling alley, a kitchen, a private room with palm trees, and an enclosed garden. Which, actually, would make Domino's moon pizza fresher than its Earth pizza. At a cost to build of 1.64 trillion yen, we're wondering if tt can still afford to offer its two medium two-topping deals for $5.99.

Here's Domino's Japan's President Scott Oelkers (in a spacesuit) talking about the project.

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