Exotic Meat for Sale: Lion, Rattlesnake and More

Well, here's some info for those who would rather


a lion than live with one.

While on safari in Kenya I was mesmerized by a lion munching out on a gazelle skull.  There he was, lounging in the sun - king of the beasts, snacking on his prey. He was so smug in the knowledge that he was on top of the food chain....except for man, that is.

Just about every creature that stalks, walks or slithers is available filleted or ground at the online Exotic Meat Market. 

Selections include a 2lb Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake,

gutted and skinned for $79.99, a Yak Ribeye from 100% Himalayan Yak for $49.99 and a whole Camel Tenderloin for $399.99.  Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzlies" can enjoy a backyard barbeque of Black Bear Burgers and Racoon Sausage and for those guys and gals who like eating Beaver (pun intended), a small bone-in Beaver will cost you  $119.99.

Anshu Pathak, owner of the Exotic Meat Market website, says people from all demographics buy his exotic meats both for themselves and as gifts.  His favorite meats are Alpaca and African Lion. What does Lion taste like, by the way? Pathak says Lion tastes like Lion, Alpaca tastes like Alpaca and Python tastes like Python...not like Rattlesnake or Chicken. 

All meats are either domestically farmed or legally imported and none of the meats sold come from endangered species.  To get some of the "gaminess" out of the more exotic meats, it's recommended that you soak the meat in water overnight. Cooking is easy. Anshu recommends grilling a fresh Alpaca steak for 2 minutes on each side and seasoning with salt and pepper. 

So, if you're bored with the same old, same old Steak or Chicken, take a trip to the local zoo and imagine what all the animals would look like in a bun smothered with relish.  For more information, visit www.exoticmeatmarket.com

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