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Five Strange Celebrity Chef Endorsement Deals (Videos)

There's nothing new about celebrity chefs endorsing products, and some of them make a great deal of sense. Take, for example, Martha Stewart's range of cookware items. After all, who wouldn't want to cook like the domestic diva herself, and if purchasing a set of Martha's steak knives or a Dutch oven will turn you into a whiz in the kitchen, then that's money well spent.

But some celebrities seem to have just gone overboard with the endorsements. Like Martha herself, who recently became the spokeswoman for Pine Brothers cough drops.

We've "coughed up" a few of the strangest we could find. From OTC indigestion medication to local furniture, here are some of the weirdest celebrity chef endorsements we could find.

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5. Martha Stewart and Cough Drops

Martha Stewart sits us down and explains that she never usually endorses products (that don't have her name on it, of course) but that she loves her some Pine Brothers cough drops. Truth be told, we love them too, usually eating them by the bagful whenever the flu hits. But there's something a little creepy about the pitch in which Martha never actually eats or even holds up a bag of the soothing candy.

4. Guy Fieri and Rolaids

Quick! What comes to mind when you think of celebrity chef? Is it indigestion? Well, it may be if you've eaten at Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant. But Rolaids is still a strange choice of product for a chef to endorse.

3. Rachael Ray for Nutrish Dog Food

What happens when your cooking empire goes to the dogs? You make dog food! And, even though we could crack some jokes here, since all of Ray's profits go directly to dog-related charities, we'll just say "Good girl, good girl!"

2. Paula Deen for Star Furniture

We all know that Paula Deen's had some problems with dropped endorsement deals, but this local commercial for Texas-based Star Furniture was filmed long before the scandal. Though Deen has her own furniture line, this local commercial looks like it has a production value of about 30 bucks, making us shake our heads wondering why Deen filmed this in the first place.

1. Rocco DiSpirito and Carla Hall for Kraft Recipe Makers

First off, what chef in their right mind would endorse Kraft's version of Hamburger Helper? Secondly, what chef would allow their heads to be fused onto the bodies of children? Apparently, there were not one but two celebrity chefs willing to trade pride for a paycheck in these commercials, which are disturbing on oh so many levels.

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