For months it was just a construction site in Pompano Beach, one that I knew would produce something wonderful. So every time I drove by, I practiced the art of patience. When the third independently owned East Coast Burrito Factory (614 E. Atlantic Blvd., 954-785-4111) finally opened on January 7, I'd already passed it by half a mile when the cars in the parking lot -- customers! -- registered. Of course, I made a U-turn, cutting off several cars in the process, unable to resist the pull of a vegetarian roll-up, various salad greens garnished with sun-dried tomato dressing and stuffed into a burrito. But then I couldn't decide between that and a marinated pork "florito," a burrito with black beans and rice instead of refried beans to give it that South Florida flair. And the soft tacos with chorizo started looking pretty good, as did the Mexican pizza, a crisp twelve-inch tortilla topped with Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, refried beans, salsa, and sour cream. What's a girl to do? Order 'em all, naturally. No one would think it strange; at East Coast Burrito Factory, dainty appetites are prohibited.

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