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For the Love of Sausage: Specialty Meats in Deerfield Beach

It's going to be nearly impossible to work my way through this post without making at least one ... maybe two or three ... sausage-related jokes. But it'll totally be worth it, because I have a deep and enduring love for tube meat. (One!)

I'm the kind of sausage connisseur who's been known to drive all over the county looking for the best kind, so it was with great disappointment that I first learned South Florida isn't exactly a thriving center for the charcuterie arts. I come from a place where bratwursts are fed to babies, and let's just say this place isn't  exactly a sausage fest. (Two!)

But then I discovered

The Real Emil's European Sausage Kitchen

in Deerfield Beach, and it was like walking into sausage heaven

(three!). Emil's is an Old World charcuterie that specializes in all

kinds of smoked and preserved meats, all prepared fresh on the premises.

You want lamb sausage? Head cheese? Bloodwurst? It's all there.

Although Emil's does carry some of the familiar Italian sausages, its

true specialty is German, with every kind of wurst you could imagine and

more smoked meats than you can shake a weiner at.

And that's four.

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Jon Van Zile