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Forget ITB: Wednesday is the New Hospitality Industry Night at Monarchy in West Palm Beach

​There's a new night in West Palm Beach, and it's not for the faint of heart. If you're a bartender, hostess -- or even a hairdresser -- you may want to check it out.

Why? It's all about you -- the service industry professional.

Officially dubbed Hospitality Industry Night (HIN), it's not just another "in the biz" break. With drink specials and promos that make the couple of happy hour cocktails you get at late night dive bars seem downright pathetic, this is one biz-based party designed to out-do all the others.

And where else to host such an evening other than Monarchy, home to the official HIN host, DJ J.R. Hutter

Hutter, along with club manager Tim Kay and fellow DJ, Opey Flierl, came up with the idea of HIN in their personal quest to make a bigger, better in-the-biz night.

"There is no real HIN-type night around," said Hutter. "We wanted to come up with something that really had some aggressive drink specials -- to give people a reason to come out during the week and not have to spend a ton of money."

That's why the staff at Monarchy chose Wednesday nights -- a good time to attract a strong in-the-biz crowd. The name also denotes a more liberal approach to the service sector: "hospitality" meaning anyone who works off tips. 

Get enough co-workers to follow you out, and you'll even have a shot at winning the "Host With the Most," adds Hutter. Just say where you work at the door -- not only are you in for free, but come the end of the night, the "business" with the most people to sign-in wins a $100 bar tab to be spent at the next HIN Wednesday.

So what does HIN really mean? For starters, an open bar from 10 p.m. to midnight; $3 drinks and shots until doors close; and $50 bottle service in VIP.

"And that includes even our top shelf -- everything except the super premium stuff," said Hutter.

For more information, to plan a special event, or reserve a table, call (561) 707-2218.

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