Health Inspectors Find Flies, Roaches and Other Critters In Three Restaurants

The Florida Department of Business and Regulation seems to have had a quiet week. Though Health Inspectors didn't shut down any restaurants for violations, that doesn't mean that we didn't uncover some pretty disgusting findings like live flies, small flying insects, live roaches and even trapped birds. The offenders are:

Fu Wa Chinese Restaurant

2465 NW 40 Ave

Lauderhill, FL  33313

An inspection on 1/13/20 found two live roaches in the ladies room and "objectionable" odors in the men's bathroom. Inspectors also found a wall soiled with accumulated food debris in the kitchen and meat being stored in boxes on the floor.

Las Carnitas

3221 W Davie Boulevard

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

An inspection on 1/18/2010  found some dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents, or other pests in the kitchen light shield. Inspectors also observed small flying insects in bar area and  live flies in the kitchen around the dishwashing area. The Health Inspectors also found overflowing garbage in the dumpsters, garbage on the ground, food on the cutting boards, grease on the stove and slime on the ice machine.  

 El Tiburon USA

3291 W Sunrise Boulevard

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311

On 1/19/2010, Health Inspectors discovered live flies in the kitchen, standing water on the floor and raw eggs stored on top of cooked food.


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