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Health Inspectors Shut Down 15 Fort Lauderdale/Miami Restaurants

How would you like to eat at a restaurant where the kitchen is crawling with rodents and bugs, where the walk-ins are filthy, and the line hasn't been cleaned in months? Not to scare you, but it happens, and more often than you think. Florida inspectors have been hitting the motherlode of filthy restaurants lately, shutting down 15 restaurants in the past month alone. And some of them are very close to home.

The Florida Department of Business and Regulation is in charge of random, routine health inspections for South Florida restaurants. It keeps detailed records of the violations on its website. You can search records to look up past inspections at specific restaurants. You can also view records by date and division.

When a restaurant receives an inspection, the department worker

notes where violations are critical or noncritical. Critical

violations are more severe and often require follow-up inspections to

ensure the restaurant has fixed them. Pile up enough critical

violations and the FDBR will temporarily shut you down.

In the

past month alone, we've found 15 restaurants have been shut down

temporarily for violations that would make anyone's stomach turn. They

include storing raw, uncovered food in close proximity to construction,

live roaches crawling all over food containers, and dozens of rodent

droppings found in kitchens and dishwashing areas.

One blog that covers restaurants in violation extremely well is Jeff Weinsier's Dirty Dining Blog.

Weinsier, a reporter for WPLG-TV 10 in Miami, will often head down to

the closed establishment, cameras in tow, and snap photos and video of

the offending elements. Some of the photos are truly revolting.

Here's a list of those 15 places shut down in the past month by the FDBR.

Café Creole Restaurant
5460 N. State Road 7, Fort Lauderdale
Why shut down: Rodent droppings observed and gnaw marks seen on raw food.

Campa Pizzeria and Restaurant

5679 W. Flagler St., Miami

Why shut down: Rodent droppings in kitchen.

Caribbean Cafe

498 W. 28th St., Hialeah

Why shut down: Rodent droppings in food prep area.

Chez Le Bebe Restaurant

114 NE 54th St., Miami

Why shut down: Rodent droppings and live roaches observed.

Chuchi's Cafe of Hialeah

3694 W. 12th Ave., Hialeah

Why shut down: Live rodent observed in kitchen.

Fritanga Managuita
11372 SW 211th St., Miami
Why shut down: Roaches found crawling in wooden containers used to store rice and beans.

La Nueva San Salvador Restaurant

4601 W. Flagler St., Miami

Why shut down: Live roaches and fresh rodent droppings found in kitchen.

Lotus Chinese Kitchen

1432 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors

Why shut down: Rodent droppings found on prep table, in water

heating area, near handwashing sink, and even on top of a bag of flour.

Max Pizza

15455 SW 137th Ave.,


Why shut down: Live roaches found in kitchen.

Prime Time Cafe

860 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Why shut

down: Perishable food not stored at proper temperatures, food left

uncovered during construction, food storage area exposed to back alley

due to construction.

Restaurant El Gallo Pinto

4747 Flagler St., Miami

Why shut down: 25-plus live roaches found in kitchen.

Salerno Diner
4783 SE Dixie Highway, Stuart
Why shut down: Rodent droppings found near grill, steam unit, and refrigerator.

Sea Cafe

740 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

Why shut down: Build-up of slime in ice machine and on soda machine nozzles, dead roaches in dishwashing area.

Seaside Grill Patio Bar

1406 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach

Why shut down: Rodent droppings found in pots in the dishwashing area.

Strip House

1435 Simonton St., Key West

Why shut down: Over 50 rodent droppings observed in various areas of the kitchen.

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