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Holiday Treats From La Bonne Bouche

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Local, artisanal, gorgeous, and damned tasty too. What's not to like about the holiday cookie assortment from Lake Worth's cozy little bakery/café, La Bonne Bouche?

For your favorite sweet tooth or to give yourself a shot of Christmas spirit, check out master patissier Eric Regnier's ode to the holidays, a box of a dozen painstakingly hand-decorated butter cookies. The one- and two-bite morsels come as gaily bedecked Christmas trees, prettily wrapped gifts, crystalline blue and white snowflakes, and more, each one a bit of edible netsuke.

They're not cheap -- $18 per dozen -- but artisanal products rarely are. And if

you've ever tasted the delicate, flaky croissants that bring even the

swells from Palm Beach to funky downtown Lake Worth... well, 'nuff


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Bill Citara

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