How to Prepare Jell-O for Wrestling (Jell-O Wrestling's Hidden Secret) (With VIDEO)

Tonight's Gold Coast Derby Jell-O wrestling contest at Boston Johnny's got us thinking..about Jell-O. 

Come on, admit it. You always wondered about the staggering amounts of Jell-O that's needed to fill an entire kiddie pool of wriggling, sugary goodness. Maybe you've lost sleep pondering the question on which flavor is used and whether or not sugar is added to the wrestling mixture and how long does it take to "set" that much Jell-O? The answer may surprise you.

JellO wrestlers don't really use Jell-O. A company called "Classic Food Specialties Baking Mixes, Inc." makes "Fun Jell", a gelatin that looks like Jell-O, but doesn't require boiling water and takes only two minutes to make. In addition, regular Jell-O would "break down" into a watery mess after just a few minutes of wrestling - this stuff stays Jell-O-y longer.

The site's handy calculator tells you exactly how much "Fun Jell" you need. Say, for instance you wanted to fill a "kiddie pool" with "Fun Jell" that's 6 ft. long by 3 ft. wide and you want the Jello 2 ft. high. You would need 269.3 gallons of Jell-O. That's about $500 worth of Jell-O, which, by the way, comes in raspberry and lime flavors!

The crazy part? Under the site's testimonials page, Fun Jell's gotten rave reviews from producers at The Jerry Springer Show, MTV and Pastor Byron of Hidden Valley Church - who says church can't be fun?

If you want to see Jello wrestling in action, come out tonight to Boston Johnny's, where you can get in the pool and wrestle with the Gold Coast Derby Girls or down (what else?) Jell-O shots. All proceeds help get these girls to derby tournaments.

Check out this Jell-O wrestling video:



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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.