Is Cafe Martorano Closing?

Steve Martorano is unarguably Broward County's most colorful restaurateur. For more than two decades, Cafe Martorano has been turning out Philadelphia-style Italian comfort food with a side of entertainment.

No matter the time of day or night, the restaurant, located on East Oakland Park Boulevard, is packed to the rafters with a lively mix of locals, snowbirds, and celebrities who come for the cook's meatball salad and stay for his DJ skills.

But everything evolves, and it seems like Martorano is contemplating moving Cafe Martorano to South Beach.

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Earlier today, the beefy cook posted a picture of South Beach glitter to his Instagram account, musing about the future of his beloved restaurant:

Steve Martorano owner of Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale is thinking of Closing the cafe on Oakland Park Down AND Take His Brand n His CREW to South Beach to Open Cafe Martorano SoBo -----More Growth ---More Money to Make -----and after 24 Years in the Same Location and all the other Projects am doing it's time to STEP UP -----What Do You Think Cuz #regramapp

This isn't the only time Martorano has contemplated closing Cafe Martorano.

Back in 2012, Martorano was considering closing his restaurant for good, telling Clean Plate Charlie, "I said to myself, you know what? Maybe it's enough. Maybe after 20 years, it's time to go out like a heavyweight fighter. Maybe it's time to shut the door. Go travel, do my book, work with the Hard Rock, work on my show." But before shuttering the doors, he tried one last time for the full liquor license that had eluded him for so long -- and was granted one. Instead of folding his hand, Martorano doubled down and reopened for the season with a new bar and a new look.

This year might be different. Could this be the year that Cafe Martorano closes for the season... only to reopen in Miami Beach?

The celebrity cook has a lot on his plate with the July opening of his new Martorano's Italian-American Kitchen inside Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City and a second Las Vegas restaurant in the works. Let's hope he's too busy to go looking for Miami Beach real estate and stays in Fort Lauderdale.

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