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It's Kevin Bacon, Made Out of Bacon!

Ever wonder what Kevin Bacon would look like if he were actually made out of bacon? No, me neither. But artist Mike Lahue did.

Lahue used seven bottles of Bacon Bits to cover a styrofoam bust of the star of Footloose. The result looks more like a Conan O'Brien made out of bacon, but it's for a good cause (Bacon is being auctioned to support "Ashley's Team, a nonprofit organization with a simple mission: to bring joy to children with cancer and their families"), so I'm not complaining.

See the pic after the jump.

Sculpting a sort-of-famous face out of bacon isn't easy. It took three months. One of the biggest challenges Lahue found was fighting off his bacon cravings. He ate an entire bottle of bits by himself.

The artist also became attached to his creation, which isn't weird at all. Lahue's hopeful that Bacon will find a good home. Gizmodo's got all those awkward details. 

To take his mind off of losing his beloved Bacon Kevin Bacon, I suggest the artist get started right away on either a Jon Hamm made of ham (to keep the pork theme going), a Meat Loaf made out of meat loaf, or a Richard Fish, assistant cameraman on Star Wars Episode V (thanks IMDb), made out of fish.

Have any other suggestions? 

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