Kiss' Gene Simmons, Fall Out Boy Spotted at BC Tacos

Brett Chiavari and the BC Tacos crew lived their own personal rock 'n' roll fantasy last week when they met some rock icons at Cruzan Amphitheater.

The BC Tacos truck is a fixture at the music venue during most of its concerts. And while most celebrities usually just go to their green room before a concert where an assortment of food and booze usually awaits, along with a dish of red-only M&M's, two dozen white roses, and a rainbow unicorn, many of the musicians who play the Cruzan make it a point to stop for a taco at the caveman-themed food truck.

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This past week, the Demon himself, Gene Simmons from Kiss stopped for a quick photo and a chat with the BC Tacos crew. Although Simmons didn't have a "nosh" (according to Chiavari, the rock god said he gained too much weight to eat tacos right now), he did compliment the group on the truck's logo and T-shirts. Tommy Thayer, Kiss' lead guitarist, visited the taco crew as well.

Also making an appearance at the BC Taco Truck was Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy, who ordered two short-rib tacos and a chicken taco. Trohman insisted he wanted the tacos made the "usual way," since he wanted to try them as Chiavari intended. Trohman also mentioned he was sharing the tacos with the rest of the band. Because sharing is caring.

Chiavari, who wrote on Facebook that "it took a lot to not let 'College Brett' out and be as excited as I wanted to be," and told Clean Plate Charlie that "everyone was great; all very down to earth, and it was great to meet them."

We knew the Demon was a mensch behind all that makeup.

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