Lillo Teodosi Out at Caruso?

We love chef Lillo Teodosi's Boca Raton Italian eatery, Caruso Ristorante. So after our 100 Favorite Dishes extolling his antipasti amuse posted yesterday, we were shocked to see a comment from a reader claiming Teodosi was no longer in the kitchen.

Posted by Michael, 9 hours ago
Unfortunately Chef Teodosi is no longer cooking at the restaurant. We had the underwhelming privilege of finding that out this past weekend.

Saddened and surprised, Charlie gave a call to Caruso. Here's what we found out.

A representative answered the phone and told us Chef Lillo was not in the restaurant. When we asked when he will return, the person on the other end told us she didn't know -- apparently, Teodosi is in Italy at the moment visiting a very sick member of his immediate family.

Teodosi opened Caruso in January, 2010. After emigrating to the U.S. from Italy in 1979, he spent years helming Italian kitchens in Chicago. We glowingly reviewed Caruso in October, 2010. Teodosi's wife Gina, with the help of the restaurant's sous chef, will be heading up Caruso in his absence.

We wish the best for Chef Lillo and his family, and hope for a speedy recovery.

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