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Make Your Own Old-School Sandwich

"Do you have a menu?" I asked the guy behind the counter. "Nope. You create what you want from what we have here," he said, pointing to the meats in the deli case. I drove all the way out here for a sandwich and a to-go menu and there isn't one?

Earlier in the day, I had called this shop in response to the rumor that it features delicious sandwiches. "I hear you have a deli," I said. "What's the most popular sandwich?"

"The Italian," the guy on the phone replied. Of course it is. You can guess what's on this standard, with salami, sopressata, and ham, a load of hot and sweet peppers, a ripe tomato, provolone, onions, mustard, oil, and vinegar. It's pretty wet. As much as I liked it, I'd go for a roast beef next.

So here I was, at a deli within a shop that has word-of-mouth notoriety, with no menu. Why go here? Because the meat is so beautiful. The quality beats LaSpada. Where are we eating?

Take a guess in the comments. The winner will receive a copy of the best food reference book of all time, The Food Lover's Companion.

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