Miami-Based Wine in a Can Names Real Housewives Star Marysol Patton Brand as Ambassador

The next time you feel the urge to slug down a few glasses of wine Real Housewives of Miami-style -- especially since news broke the show has been officially canceled -- don't go for the bottle. Show a little restraint and grab a can of vino instead.

Yes, you read that right. A can. If beer seems too blah and liquor a little too serious, a can of wine just seems a little... well, easier. Luckily, it also got a little classier. Just ask Wine in a Can celebrity brand ambassador Marysol Patton, the Housewives reality-TV star who stands behind the creators of the portable beverage.

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The idea of wine in a can isn't as tasteless as you'd imagine. Why? Because, like beer, we're drinking more of it every year. And that means retailers want a more convenient and affordable way to sell it to you.

In 2012, Americans consumed 324 million cases of wine -- more wine than any other country, including Italy and France -- according to a report issued by Impact Databank. That number is only expected to grow in the next five years, the report states, as the millennial generation (those currently aged 21 to 34) appear to have a preference for wine over beer or liquor.

To answer the call, Miami-based Friends Beverage Co. recently launched Wine in a Can last November, a collection of six-ounce aluminum cans of wine. Each can, sold separately, is 6 percent alcohol by volume and 75 calories per serving. The line currently includes eight flavors -- everything from a rosé and peach moscato to red and white sangria.

According to Friends Beverage, wine is imported from southern France and packaged into artfully designed slim cans (think Red Bull size) for what they state is a "convenient, portable, lightweight, unbreakable, tamper-proof, quick-chilling, and recyclable drinking experience." The can is also perfect for venues where glass is prohibited, adds Friends Beverage Group.

In the past year, Wine in a Can has entered into distribution agreements with 16 distributors in 20 states and Puerto Rico and received approval from top national chains to sell the product in stores including Walmart, Kroger's, 7-Eleven, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market. Flying Spririt Airlines soon? Wine in a Can has its own spot on the airline menu -- "Fun Wine" -- alongside beer, wine, and other spirits.

Each can retails for about $1.99, which is two servings -- which means you're paying about $1 for a single glass. For more information on Wine in a Can, find it on Facebook or visit the website at www.friendsfunwine.com.

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