Does he really consume 12,000 calories a day?
Does he really consume 12,000 calories a day?

Michael Phelps Diet Inspires Insane Videos

With 22 Olympic medals (18 of them gold), Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history. Though he's obviously a champion swimmer, there's another sport Phelps excels at without even trying -- competitive eating (if it's on ESPN, it's gotta be a sport, right)?

Though Phelps hasn't yet competed in any eating event, there's a serious rumor the svelte athlete consumes 12,000 calories a day (though Phelps himself has denied it to Ryan Seacrest).

We want to believe this diet is real. In fact, we picture Phelps right now chowing down on a few dozen ham-and-cheese sandwiches, an entire pizza, and a half-dozen energy drinks... as an appetizer.

True or not true, the Phelps diet has inspired some pretty funny videos. We figured we'd share them with you. Grab a snack and try to keep up with the Phelps diet.

Champion eater Furious Pete tries out the Michael Phelps diet -- all 12,000 calories of it.

Afterward, he congrats Phelps for being the most decorated Olympian of all time... and his toilet bowl -- which will soon house the largest poop of all time!

FHM takes one for the team in this video. It's not a pretty sight to see these editors try the monumental task of eating like one of the greatest athletes on the planet. We did, however, enjoy the shameful whining that occurred.

In this SNL video, Phelps himself gives the green light to the hottest new diet craze sweeping the nation -- the Michael Phelps diet, where you can eat a real pig in a blanket, four wedding cakes, and a bathtub full of fettuccine... if you're Michael Phelps, that is (side effects, by the way, include diabetes and death).


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