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Natural Wonders in Coconut Creek: U-Pick Produce in the Heart of South Florida

Natural Wonders, located at 5641 Johnson Road in Coconut Creek, is a hidden gem and one of the last of its kind in the area. We may have plenty of landscaping companies in South Florida, but not like this. Besides specializing in the expected plant care and lawn maintenance, they also house over 30,000 hydroponically grown plants in the "u-pick" section of the five acre nursery. 

One of the first things you'll see is the adorable general store. Here you can get a heaping scoop of ice cream, a cup of feed for the donkey around back, or arm yourself with the standard issue picking supplies: a plastic bag lined basket and a pair of scissors, and head out into the vertical field. There's no bending or squatting required here! 

With prices like $5/lb for strawberries, and romaine and butter crisp lettuce for $3 per large head, you are not only saving money you can also guarantee the produce you leave with is at its freshest. By handpicking it off the vine yourself the taste is not only as it's peak, it is also better for you. According to owner Jim Brunner, eating just one of their hydroponically grown strawberries has the same amount of nutrients as ten of the supermarket variety.

Interested in seeing how the farm works first hand? The staff is not only friendly and accommodating, they are extremely knowledgable as well. Behind the scenes tours are given on Monday and Tuesday's where you will walk the property and learn the basics behind hydroponics. 

More than just a trip to the market, a visit to Natural Wonders is both an educational and relaxing experience for the whole family. For more information, visit their website:

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Ashley Allred
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