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Noodle Nirvana: Hollywood's GoBistro Is a Ramen Lover's Dream

We've all had ramen. For most Americans, it comes from styrofoam cups in flavors like "oriental" and "seafood." We eat it when we are short on time, hungover, broke, or living in a dorm.

The Japanese would shake their heads at this; for them, ramen is something of a national dish. More than just broth and noodles, it's an art form in itself, with museums and restaurants dedicated to its craft, some so narrowly focused as to concentrate on just one style, flavor, and noodle.

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If cup o' noodles instant ramen is all you've ever known, however, it can be difficult to understand how anyone can care much about such a bowl of soup. But the ramen at GoBistro in Hollywood is different: It's something to get excited about.

The 3-month-old establishment opened on the west end of Hollywood Boulevard, situated amid the downtown's cultural nexus with an aging Chinese restaurant to the right, a shabby Mexican joint on its left, and an Argentine place across the street. Open for lunch and dinner, the eatery is a collaboration by partners Andrew Gong, Joao Da Silva, and Niti Masintapan. Together, they also operate two Amazing Asian Bistro locations in Plantation and Pembroke Pines.

GoBistro is their latest concept, a tangential project where each could unleash his creative side, said Masintapan. The menu is based on their favorite dishes: a Thai, Chinese, and Brazilian's take on Japanese cooking. Gong prepares the ramen, Da Silva the sushi, and Masintapan -- whose family owns several restaurants, including Eddie Hills Sushi & Thai in Hallandale Beach -- contributes specialty dishes, like his take on Korean-style chicken wings. The plan, they say, is to expand the menu to their other South Florida restaurants and possibly open more.

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