Order Up: The How-to Guide to Roti

Roti, an Indian-style flatbread that's pretty much a staple in West Indian food, is everywhere in South Florida. Little roti shops and curry huts specializing in the stuff can be found throughout Broward, especially the western stretches of Lauderhill, Margate, and North Lauderdale. But enjoying roti isn't always as easy as just walking in and placing an order. There's all sorts or terminology, colloquial phrases, and know-how involved in indulging in this island snack.

This week's column covers three roti joints in West Broward and gives you the low down on how to get the right kind of roti every time. The three restaurants, Lovey's Roti in Lauderhill and Curry Hut and Lucky City in Margate, each serve such Trinidadian and Guyanese treats as sada roti, aloo pie, doubles, curry pumpkin, bake, buss up shut, and more.

Read this week's roti column in Dish. After the cut, a few roti photos to keep you salivating.

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