Order Up: Trata Greek Taverna

This week in Dish, we look at Trata Greek Taverna. The restaurant, opened on Las Olas last January, removes all the flashy bellydancing and napkin throwing from the Greek formula. Instead, it focuses on simple, homey Greek food with an eye for authenticity. The menu is full of complementary flavors -- lemon, garlic, olive oil, oregano -- each represented in appetizers, grilled meat, and a wide selection of seafood, including whole, grilled fish. Here's a quick outtake from our review, online now in Dish:

When it arrived, the porgie was beautiful -- stunningly charred and nearly a foot long, it almost seemed to ride its almond-shaped plate proudly. The meat was buttery and supple, so much so that as I picked at it, whole sections slid off the spiky little bones cleanly. In consideration of those who are intimidated by the thought of a whole fish staring back at them, our waiter had offered to fillet the porgie for me. But I much preferred to eat it whole, mining the critter's best parts: The slick meat that comes out of the hollows in the fish's cheeks and near the jaw and forehead; a prized jewel of hearty flesh that powers the pelvic fin. You can't get that with a fillet.

Also check out our slideshow of Trata Greek Taverna.

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