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Our Ten Most Romantic Restaurants

Dinner with your love need not be relegated to a once-a-year affair but rather part of your repertoire. What makes for romantic dining? The company, of course, though scenic backdrops, stellar service, and food that serves as an aphrodisiac helps. After the jump, our picks for the most romantic restaurants.

10. Jet Runway Cafe: for a hidden gem
Before jetting off to some exotic land, this restaurant tucked in Fort Lauderdale's Executive Airport is a James Bondian meeting place for a bite with a paramour.

9. Dada Restaurant and Lounge: for the scene
This charming setting for the artsy set offers solid dining and even better people-watching.

8. Steak 954: for the carnivore
Stephen Starr's steak house in the W offers meat, potatoes, and other dishes from Steven Starr's folks that stand out from other steak houses in an austere setting with pampering service.

7. Mai-Kai: for island-inspired kitsch
The tiki setting, the scantily clad staff, and a crowd that ranges from hipster to mobster are reasons enough to make this a regular stop. Consider a liquid dinner with the cocktails, or at the very least stick to the carbs.

6. Riverside Hotel: for the fireplace
For a light bite, a glass of wine, the fireplace, and outdoor seating, Preston's in the Riverside Hotel is a romantic option.

5. Casablanca: for the view
For one of the best views of the ocean on A1A, Casablanca is a crowd pleaser for a most romantic spot in this Moorish-inspired 1920s design.

4. Sundy House: for old-school romance
Manicured tropical gardens at this turn-of-the-century house make for a lovely backdrop. Try to snag a cozy outdoor table and order the prix fixe, which is $69 tonight, $79 tomorrow, or indulge yourself at lunch for $27 a person.

3. Cafe Boulud: for the foodie
For some of the most memorable dishes you'll have this year, Cafe Boulud's Jim Leiken will dazzle you. The tasting menu may seem opulent (for $105 a head), yet these four courses will offer an array of the area's most skillful cooking.

2. Guanabanas: for vacation not far from home
For a funky island vibe, live music, and terrific scenery, this surf-inspired restaurant is a vacation not far from home. And if you tout local seafood, there's a bonus: All fish, shrimp, crab, and clams served at Guanabanas are from Florida, as the restaurant is part of the Fresh From Florida campaign.

1: D'Angelo Trattoria: for soulful dining
The newest outpost from Angelo Elia is staged in a built-out, renovated home a stone's throw from the beach. You cannot go wrong in your order here. The kitchen, manned by executive chef Ricky Piper, features appetizers such as veal bone marrow

served with pane casareccio;

burrata over roasted favas; and for you adventurous eaters, braised

tripe in a pecorino, mint, and tomato sauce. Bucatini with wild boar

ragout and carbonara are both featured among pastas.

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