Pho 78 Vietnamese Kitchen Opens in Sunrise
John Linn

Pho 78 Vietnamese Kitchen Opens in Sunrise

Mark down another Vietnamese restaurant in West Broward to try. Pho 78, the second location of the Pembroke Pines-based eatery, is now open in Sunrise.

The restaurant specializes in pho (pronounced fuh) that most respected of Vietnamese soups that is completely customizable. It offers a wide range of pho with ingredients like meatballs, rare top round, brisket, tendon, tripe, and flank, as well as a host of other authentic dishes including spicy soups, rice platters, bun thit, banh mi, and boba teas.

Pho 78 Vietnamese Kitchen Opens in Sunrise

During a recent visit we tried Pho 78's take on beef noodle soup complete with big, squeaky meatballs and fragrant, anise-scented broth. On the side came a big dish full of bean sprouts, basil and culantro, and super-hot jalapenos. To eat it, you add in any combination of the fresh vegetables plus srirachi and hoisin sauce, if you like.

One thing I really liked about Pho 78's soup is how hot in comes out. In order for the soup to release the flavors of the herbs and vegetables, it has to be very hot. That wasn't a problem with this version.

I did notice, however, that some of the herbs weren't quite as fresh as they could've been. I'd chalk it up to slow initial business -- the place was very quiet when I was there.

The restaurant seats about 40 but is still a work in progress, with very plain tables and chairs and a few Vietnamese knick knacks hung around the room. Staff is friendly and very appreciative. The owner came out to thank every guest as they left personally.

I'll definitely be back to Pho 78 to check out more of their authentic menu.

Pho 78
2430 N. University Drive, Sunrise 33322


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