President Obama Gets Carried Away by Florida Pizza Guy (Video)

When President Barack Obama was campaigning in Florida this weekend, he stopped at Big Apple Pizza and Pasta in Fort Pierce. This detour was meant to be one of those typical campaign visits where the president, in a bid for reelection, visits local merchants, shakes hands, and has a nosh with would-be voters.

But Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Duzer isn't only the owner of a small restaurant.

He's the founder of the Van Duzer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps families in St. Lucie County, Florida, that are experiencing unforeseen tragedies. Van Duzer is a registered Republican, but that doesn't stop him from being a huge Obama supporter. To the Obama camp, this must have seemed like a good photo opportunity. 

It turned into a great one!


New captured the encounter, which starts out as your typical presidential visit but quickly turns awesome. As the president notices

the size of Van Duzer -- "Look at those guns" -- he asks the larger-than-life pizza guy, "Scott, if I eat your pizza, will I look like you?"


as a totally giddy Van Duzer first shakes hands... then hugs... then picks

up the president (thankfully stopping short before planting a big fat

kiss on Obama's head!)

Van Duzer might have found the key to Democrats and Republicans finally making peace... a slice of pizza topped with an extra helping of hugs.

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