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Rachel's Strip Club in West Palm Beach: The Girls Are Nice, but How's the Steak?

For the more frugal diner, the idea of lavishly throwing inordinate amounts of moolah at women and meat may seem a bit superfluous. Patrons of Rachel's Adult Entertainment & Steakhouse in West Palm Beach don't seem to mind, though.

Perhaps this is where winning recipients of the Florida Lotto come to dine. Or maybe it's the carefree customer who fearlessly takes out cash advances against his/her credit card despite the 17.99 percent interest rate. Either way, Rachel's isn't hurting for business in the restaurant or club.

The gentlemen's lounge/restaurant offers two options for its clientele to enjoy the locally proclaimed "best steak" -- inside an elegant dining room adjacent to the main stage or at a table beside all the hustle and bustle of the strip club. If you decide to ogle some nude dancers while enjoying your meal, employees will graciously set up a spot directly beside the stage of your choice -- and since a $20 entertainment fee is included in the bill, it may make sense to dine near the action.

The menu boasts eight choices of prime USDA cuts of steak -- the gustatory equivalent to the ample varietals of women showcased at the club. There is something for everyone at Rachel's. Tall girls or petite girls, dark girls or light girls -- surf or turf, lamb or veal.

As mentioned earlier, the orgasmic sensory overload will come at a cost. Entrée prices will set you back $36 to $52, à la carte side dishes range $9 to $16, and appetizers cost $10 to $26 (unless you are dining on the $250 Beluga Caviar). Not surprisingly, libations will also burn a hole in your wallet faster than Suze Orman can yell something pejorative into the television screen, with a bottle of wine starting at $55. To save a few bucks, enjoy a prix fixe three-course menu from 4 to 7:30 p.m. for only $29.95.

Yes, a steak dinner at Rachel's is expensive, and its worth is debatable. But there is one thing that is not of question -- the steaks at Rachel's are undeniably fantastic. From the tender, flame-grilled filet mignon to the flavorful slow-roasted prime rib, the steaks will give your taste buds a climactic jolt. If you enjoy setting Benjamins on fire for your sick amusement, or if you are one of the lucky employees who work for a company with a dining expense budget to use at a fine establishment such as this one -- then, we're just plain jealous.

Rachel's Adult Entertainment & Steakhouse; 2905 W. 45th St. West Palm Beach.

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