Rosario's in Boca Raton: Garlic Bread Featured on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate

You might not think a dish as elementary as garlic bread would be featured on one of the Food Network's most popular shows. But, like Alex Guarnaschelli, if you've tasted the garlic bread at Rosario's Ristorante in Boca Raton, it doesn't seem odd at all. 

As a regular on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," Guarnaschelli gave a tip of the toque to Rosario Lanza's garlic bread on the "with Garlic" episode of the show, which aired on the Food Network last week.  

It came as something of a surprise to the folks at the upscale, family-style restaurant, said son and partner Chris Lanza, who added that while Guarnaschelli's family are "very good customers. We didn't realize it was her until she left." It wasn't until some two months after that, in May of this year, that Lanza received a phone call from the show producer, telling him the restaurant's garlic bread would be featured on an upcoming segment. 

In late July a three-person crew showed up and spent six hours

shooting for a segment that lasts maybe a couple of minutes on the air. 

"It was a really great experience, seeing how [the shooting]

worked," Lanza said, especially since he and fiancé Justine Malpica were

featured in the segment. It didn't hurt business either, driving

"thousands" of people to the restaurant's website and to the restaurant


And what's the secret of this Garlic Bread of the Gods? 


simple, according to Lanza. "We bake our bread every day, use fresh

garlic and olive oil." Fresh herbs and Parmesan also make it onto the

bread, which is more dense and cake-y than the usual light, airy

Italian-style loaf.  

And the best part?  

It comes complementary with your meal, so the best thing you ever ate (with garlic) is also the cheapest. 

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