Spaghetti Taco Craze Courtesy of Nickelodeon Show

You've heard of -- and maybe even eaten -- a spaghetti sandwich. But spaghetti tacos? That's crazy talk, hombre.

But people are actually eating the unlikely combination thanks to a Nickelodeon kids' show called iCarly.

During an episode of the live action show that originally aired in November 2007, one of the central characters whips up the strange concoction

for dinner. The simple idea spawned all kinds of imitators. Children

all over the country began to ask their parents to make them spaghetti

tacos just like iCarly. And parents obliged.

Now there are blogs, Facebook pages, and entire websites are devoted to the popcentric dish. They sport recipes, show videos of people eating them, and have even spawned a kicked-up version featuring guacamole.


searched through a bunch of spaghetti taco pictures and have collected

the ones that look the best, as well as some similarly weird dishes.

This is a classic spaghetti taco with sauce mixed in with the pasta. It doesn't get simpler than this.

A hand-fried flour tortilla, spaghetti with sauce, grated cheese, and olives. Sounds like a winner!

Here the sauce is just placed on top and finished with sour cream. That's taking it a step further all right.

It's no spaghetti taco, but a corndog and pizza quesadilla is just as weird. (Or is it weirder?)

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