The dope-smoking, hard-partying, poop-jumping prankster Steve-O has turned his life around since leaving Boca Raton for the world of Jackass. He's clean and sober now, a hardcore vegan and PETA supporter, and when he acts like a jackass these days, it's on Dancing With the Stars.

This week, he was in Gardena, California for a celebrity go-kart

tournament, raising money for the American Diabetes Association. 

Then, when he found out meat was on the menu, he got mad and left.


Steve-O, a Vegan Now, Boycotts Charity Event on Ethical Grounds

"I thought this was about promoting a plant-based diet for diabetes prevention, and they're servin' meat in there," he griped.

"Outrageous," he said. "Serving meat at a diabetes event is like serving alcohol at an AA meeting. It's stupid."

Here's the video from TMZ:

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