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Super Bowl Burger Battle: The Pitts-Burger

We may not be able to control who takes home the Lombardi trophy this Sunday, but we can pay homage to the opposing teams and cities the way we know best: through our bellies.

That's right, all of you terrible towel holdin' maniacs. Now is your chance to prove to your buddies that Pittsburgh rules not only in football, but in feeds. And if you're a true Pittsburgh fan, chances are you're already familiar with your weapon: the "Almost Famous" Pitts-Burger of Primanti Brothers.

If, however, you're new to this Pittsburgh-based establishment planted (3 times!) in South Florida, there are a few things you should know. All sandwiches are piled high with cole slaw, french fries, tomato slices, and plenty of Provolone cheese; two jumbo rectangles of plush Italian bread seal the deal. And the Pitts-Burger Cheese Steak? Well, it isn't in fact a cheesesteak - this is Pittsburgh folks, not Philly. This sandwich is more like a burger, deriving its name from the sirloin beef used to make the patty.

So grab yourself an ice-cold Iron City, and let's get cookin' - Pittsburgh-style. 

  1. The bread:  Some say a sandwich is only as good as the bread that binds it. I imagine the Primanti Brothers would agree, based on the super-legit Italian loaves they source from Cusano's Bakery in Hallandale. Try and find something at least an inch thick - and the softer, the better.
  2. The meat:  As mentioned above, only the finest sirloin satisfies an eater from the 'Burgh. Pick some up from the grocery store and grill it up to perfection. Just make sure and leave the patties on the thinner side and cook them well-done if you're going the authentic route.
  3. The cheese:  Add plenty of sliced Provolone to the burgers as you finish grilling them. You won't be toasting your bread, so this is the time to get that melty-factor going.
  4. The coleslaw:  What sells this slaw is its lack of mayo. It's vinegar-based - so it's nice and light - and doesn't weigh the sandwich down. Click here for a damned-close version of what Primanti Brothers serves up.
  5. The fries:  You have two choices here. You can either get nuts and opt to fry your own, or you can take a shortcut and buy a frozen bag of spuds. Ore-Ida's Extra-Crispy version is a safe bet, and we wouldn't be offended if you experimented with the waffle cut.
  6. The tomato:  This is the easy part. Look for the brightest, ripest tomatoes you can find and slice 'em up thin.
Eat that, A-Rodge fans.

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Sarah Schiear