Thasos Greek Taverna in Fort Lauderdale: Perfect Place to Hide from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Thasos Greek Taverna is named for the Greek isle where co-owner Gus Leontarkis was born. The restaurant, both outside and in, bears more resemblance to an ultra chic lounge than the windswept island known around the world for its wine and seafood.

It's a leap from the Denny's that once occupied the lot. Leontarkis and Co-owner Sophia Mylona spared no expense to refurbish the once-drab diner and it's impossible to tell that Grand Slams were ever served here.

The food inside is rustic and flavorful, though it may not quite match the slick exterior and the Rolls Royces and Maseratis scattered across the parking lot. Mylona said she's often questioned about why she chose to use the word taverna in the restaurant's name. She said she wanted Thasos to be a place where people can come at any time, in any dress and enjoy themselves. Despite the pricey fare and chic surroundings, relaxed families and grannies drinking wine were there in full force. 

Read the full review of Thasos Greek Taverna.

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