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The Food List Challenge, Round One

I've liked The Food List Challenge app on Facebook that lists 100 dishes and drinks to prove you're a foodnik. So far, 335,345 people have tried it, including former food critic for the Washington Post, Phyllis Richman (97) and former New Times critic Gail Shepherd (85).

Some of the items are ridiculous; who hasn't had bagel and lox? But there are plenty of stumpers, since relatively few people are acing the list.

For several rounds of blog posts, we'll find places to try items on the list. After the jump, the first ten.

1. Abalone: Silver Pond in Lauderdale Lakes
Though Fish Peddler East said, "It's hard to come by," Silver Pond lists it as a seasonal menu item with sea cucumber.

2. Absinthe: Sweetwater's Bar in Boynton Beach
Cocktails change monthly speakeasy that opened last April, where Bartender Clinton Reed proclaims the Aviation as one of his favorite cocktails. For those looking for something with Absinthe, he'll whip something up for you, such as one inspired by the delicious Root liquor.

3. Alligator: Shuck -N- Dive in Fort Lauderdale
A swampy oasis in Fort Lauderdale, this 80-seat sports bar serves some

of the finest Cajun fare around. Zesty andouille sausage poor boys,

blackened fish topped with crawfish, even buffalo burgers win kudos from

loyal clientele. The 100% alligator burger is served with American cheese, lettuce, and mayo on a Kaiser roll. "Do you sell a lot of these?" we asked. The answer is a surprising yes.

4. Baba Ghanoush: A La Turca in Hollywood
This modest restaurant offers the savory eggplant dip, respectable falafel, and an obscenely decadent doner sandwich that alone is worth the trip.

5. Bagel and Lox: Way Beyond Bagels in Boca Raton
Kettle-boiled and then baked, these rounds offer a crispy crust and chewy,

aromatic interior. In flavors beyond standards, there's veggie,

cinnamon crunch, sourdough pecan, and seven-grain. Fresh rounds are baked hourly.

6. Baklava: Greek Islands Taverna in Oakland Park
Diners tend to make decadent desserts and a taverna that feels like a Greek diner is no exception.

7. Barbecue Ribs: Tom Jenkins in Fort Lauderdale
Just find a spot in the tiny, crowded lot, order your ribs, beef, or

chicken at the counter, and keep a sharp eye out for a seat -- one is

hard to come by. The sauce recipe, developed by the owners from old

family recipes, is a thick, tasty blend of molasses, honey, and a

variety of secret ingredients.

8. Bellini: Rosie's in Wilton Manors
"Don't make me talk about you tomorrow," reads the back of server's t-shirts at Rosie's. Have a few too many $3.50 bellinis during brunch and you're bound to get sloppy enough for gossip fodder.

9. Biscuits and Gravy: Georgia Pig in Sunrise
This charming hole in the wall serves homemade biscuits drenched in gravy every morning until 11 a.m.

10. Bird's Nest Soup: Where Can We Find It?
The gelatinous texture (from saliva) that comes from the Southeast Asian swiftlet dissolves in a broth that's an acquired taste. Should we be able to find it? I'm thinking not.

Can you think of a better place to find one of these items? Report your places and experiences in the comments.

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