Tiny Hamster Challenges Kobayashi to an Eating Duel (Video)

The world can be a harsh place. There are bills to pay, climate change to worry about, and bosses so evil they should sprout horns and carry around pitchforks at the weekly sales meeting. That's why we need diversions on the internet to give us a few minutes of sheer joy in our rotten, miserable existences.

This is the sole reason why Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos exists, people. And what's not to love? A tiny hamster is shown waddling to his widdle table and eating a teeny burrito with his microscopic, yet dexterous, rodent hands.

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That little hamster became quite a celebrity, racking up 8,435,272 views in four months. But, what does a hamster with only two skills -- being tiny and eating a lot -- do for an encore?

He challenges Takeru Kobayashi to a duel.

Kobayashi is a formidable opponent for the hamster, having broken several world records for eating, including cow brains; lobster rolls; burgers, tacos; Buffalo wings, and hot dogs. Speaking of hot dogs, Kobayashi won the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest in Brooklyn, New York six consecutive times, from 2001-2006.

How does this challenge between the two most famous eaters turn out? Most amazingly. Watch now:

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