[Updated] Pizza Fusion Fort Lauderdale Special: Trade Ed Hardy Gear for Pizza

Update: Check after the jump for the total amount of Ed Hardy shirts Pizza Fusion donated.
Vaughan Lazar, founder of the Pizza Fusion company, is trying to keep Fort Lauderdale classy. Last night, Lazar made a joke on his Facebook profile suggesting the idea of giving free pizza in exchange for Ed Hardy gear.

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Well, it's no longer a joke. Today through Wednesday, you can bring your Ed Hardy gear to Pizza Fusion's Fort Lauderdale location and get a free large pizza.

"We're trying to keep FTL classy. So we're going to clean it up," he said.

More info after the jump.

Allergic to gluten? No problem. A gluten-free pizza is only $1.

The special was originally only through the end of the day, but after talking to Clean Plate Charlie on the phone, Lazar decided to extend the offer.

All clothing donations they receive will be donated to Goodwill. So far, two people had donated apparel since the store opened at 11 a.m.

Update: Vaughan Lazar, Pizza Fusion, and the citizens of Fort Lauderdale donated a grand total of 31 Ed Hardy items to Goodwill last week. The Fort Lauderdale store collected 24 shirts, five hats, one dress, and one belt. 

For the record, that's $434 worth of free pizza.

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