Where to Buy Gator Meat in Broward County

Here's what I just learned: Don't mess with Cindy Petryszak, purchasing agent for the Delaware Chicken Farm & Seafood Market in Hollywood.

Why not?

Because the woman has access to alligator meat, and she isn't afraid to use it. Petryszak's daughters attend the University of Alabama, and when they were home at game time, guess what Petryszak served to all those Gator fans her daughters grew up with.

"Most of them thought it was chicken, but a few girls figured it out

and screamed," she said, laughing. "We called them all cannibals."

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says gator tastes like chicken, and that's actually true, although the

texture (think rubber) takes some getting used to. It definitely

benefits from a deep fryer and spicy dipping sauce.

If you want to find out for yourself, check out the gator bites on the menu at the Islamorada Fish Co.

in Dania Beach (954-583-1280), or drop by Delaware Chicken &

Seafood (954-983-6831) to pick up some frozen gator. Then whip up a

dipping sauce and invite all your University of Florida friends over.

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