Where to Get Your Hands on Some Aloo Pie

I've been doing a lot of eating at West Indian restaurants for an upcoming column, which means my days and nights have been full of doubles, roti, and aloo pie.

What's aloo pie, you ask? It's a popular Trinidadian street food made up of a (usually) fried piece of bread, slit open like a sandwich and filled with a spicy mixture of boiled potatoes, mango achar, and hot "peppa." The bun is airy and soft, with a crisp, papery crust thanks to the frying. And the potato filling is tart, sweet, savory, and spicy all at once. They're usually super cheap ($2 or less at most places) and very filling. They're also portable, which is a street food bonus.

West Broward in general is absolutely filled with curry and roti shops,

many of which serve aloo pies. Take a drive up Commercial, Oakland

Park, or Sunrise boulevards anywhere between 441 and University Drive,

and you'll likely run into one on accident.

Without giving too

much of my column away, the best aloo pie I've had

comes from Lovey's Roti, a West Indian restaurant in Sunrise. That's

the one pictured above. What made it so good was the freshness of the

ingredients -- including the bread, which tasted like it was fried to

order. Just be sure to bring cash; Lovey's no longer accepts credit.

Lovey's Roti
8336 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Sunrise 33341

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